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In the field of aesthetics, stem cell therapy is an effective procedure that achieves the goal of defying aging with its cell renewal feature.


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With aging or for different reasons, the skin ages and loses its quality. With stem cell-supported processes, the skin regains its healthy and youthful appearance. Stem cell therapy; It is used in aesthetic procedures such as skin rejuvenation, breast or butt enlargement with fat injection and scar treatment. The desired effect is achieved with the stem cell obtained from the person’s own fat tissue.

Why does our skin age?

Chromosomes are found in cells, which we call the source of life. At the ends of these chromosomes are parts called telomeres. Telomeres play a very important role in cell division. With each cell division, the telomere shortens and eventually the cell becomes indivisible. The structures formed by these cells cannot renew themselves. In short, cell renewal cannot be achieved. dermis of the skin; that is, there are cells called fibroblasts in the “living” part. These cells secrete collagen, which supports the skin’s health and strength, and elastin, which provides its elasticity. With age, when fibroblasts are no longer able to divide and multiply, collagen and elastin are no longer secreted. As a result, skin health and elasticity are lost and the skin has an aged appearance.

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Can Aging Be Prevented or Delayed?

“Can aging be prevented or delayed” is a question many people wonder. This can be achieved at the cellular level in two different ways. These; It is to increase the ability of existing cells to divide and renew themselves, or to graft cells as young as we were at the time of birth to the needed tissues. The second option is provided with stem cell assisted therapy.

What is Stem Cell? What Does Stem Cell Do?

Stem cell is the name given to the cells in our body that have not lost their ability to divide and differentiate. Stem cells are formed at fertilization and then differentiate to form our body. These cells remain undifferentiated in the tissues of our body after birth. Stem cells play an effective role in the repair of tissue damage or the formation of cells that are renewed for certain periods, such as blood or skin cells.

Stem cells are named because of their ability to transform into any cell in the body. Stem cells have two important properties. Its first features are the ability to divide and produce new stem cells of the same species; that is, they can renew themselves. The second is that they can mature or differentiate into specialized cells such as skin, muscle or blood that will perform a specific function.

There are two types of stem cells; embryonic stem cell and adult stem cell. As the name suggests, the embryonic stem cell is found in the embryo and differentiates to form the tissues and organs of the body. They are cells that exist in the early stages of a living thing’s formation and can transform into all tissue types. Adult stem cells, on the other hand, perform a repair function in our body. After birth, we still have stem cells in our body and they are also referred to as ‘adult’ or ‘somatic’ stem cells. These cells, which are found in different tissues in our body, are ’tissue specific’; that is, each of them can only transform into certain types of cells.

Stem Cell Therapy

How is Stem Cell Obtained in Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cells are obtained from three different sources in adults. Bone marrow, adipose tissue and blood. Among these, the richest source of stem cells is adipose tissue. In recent years, scientific studies have shown that stem cells are 500 times more abundant in adipose tissue. Fat tissue is removed by liposuction method. With the latest technological devices, it is now possible to separate the stem cells in the adipose tissue. Stem cells in the adipose tissue are separated by a special process under operating room conditions. With all these processes, the cells are transferred to 2-3 milliliter liquid media so that they can be injected.

After the fat cells forming the adipose tissue are removed by various methods, a community consisting of stem cells, a small amount of white blood cells and cells forming capillaries remains. This purified stem cell collection is called Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF). The “stroma” is the part of the tissue that remains after the cells have been removed. In other words, the stroma is the connective tissue skeleton that carries cells. “Vascular” means belonging to the vein. Finally, the “fraction” can be perceived here as the distilled, obtained fraction. In adipose tissue, stem cells are found in the connective tissue (stroma) and vessel (vascular) walls surrounding the fat cells. In short, when the fat cells are removed from the environment by various methods, the majority of them are stem cells; but a fluid (fraction) containing a small amount of other types of cells such as fibroblasts and leukocytes is obtained.

Where are Stem Cell Usage Areas?

Stem cell applications provide support for the elimination of many problems in the field of aesthetics. The first of these is the removal of fine and deep wrinkles. Stem cell-assisted treatments also help improve skin that tends to dimple due to acne scars. Stem cells are used successfully in many problems in the field of plastic surgery. Anti-aging treatments called “anti-aging” give successful results especially on the face, hands and décolleté.

When the stem cells obtained from the person’s own fat are mixed with the own fat of the person injected into the face, breast and buttocks, it is ensured that the fat is more permanent. Stem cell applications are an important resource for skin rejuvenation. Healing is achieved with stem cell support in damaged tissues caused by accidents or burns. Promising results are obtained with stem cell applications in non-healing wounds and scars. Stem cell therapy can also be applied in hair loss problems.

How is Stem Cell Therapy Applied?

For stem cell-assisted treatment, first of all, fat is taken from the determined area of ​​​​the person, such as the abdomen and waist, under local anesthesia. This fat removal process takes place with liposuction. While the patient is waiting on the operating table from the extracted fat, stem cell solution (SVF) is obtained as a result of a 40-minute procedure in the same operating room, and subcutaneous injections are made to the problem areas at the same time. All transactions take place in a single session and in the same room.

Stem Cell Assisted Wound Treatment

In stem cell assisted wound treatments, 50-60 milliliters of fat is taken from the determined area of ​​the person. Injected stem cells turn into the cell type needed according to the condition of the wound. E.g; If the wound has low blood supply, the cell perceives this and turns into the cell type that forms the vessels or turns into cells that produce collagen, the building blocks of the tissue. At the end of this process, wound healing is expected to accelerate. The initial waiting period is six weeks. Then, 3 more sessions of stem cell injections are made with an interval of 3 weeks.

In Which Wounds Is Stem Cell Therapy Used?

Stem cell renewal therapy is used in diabetic foot wounds, wounds due to circulatory disorders, apart from accident and burn wounds. It is also a very effective option in the repair of damaged tissues after radiotherapy. It is not recommended to use stem cell therapy in heavily infected areas. It would not be correct to apply it to active cancer patients.

Stem Cell Therapy

What is Stem Cell Enriched Fat Injection?

Stem cells are also used in aesthetic and rejuvenation applications in plastic surgery as well as wound treatments. It is also a very effective procedure in increasing the permanence of operations such as breast and butt enlargement with fat injection.

Fat injection is the process of transferring the fat taken from our body with the liposuction method to the needed areas through a very thin cannula. The other name of fat injection is fat grafting. Fat injection is a procedure that has been done for many years. Almost the only issue that was worked on during this time was the maintenance of the delivered fat volume. The most important use of fat grafts today is to provide volume. Especially in the face area, the volume losses that occur with the advancement of age can be compensated with fat injections. At first, this youth was thought to be due to the fact that the face regained the volume of the youth years. In the early 2000s, when it was understood that adipose tissue was a richer source of stem cells than bone marrow, it was revealed that stem cells given to that region together with fat contributed to this youthful effect. Adipose tissue contains a very high amount of stem cells. The stem cells obtained from here are added to the fat to be given.

In adipose tissue transfers enriched with stem cells, the tissues have the ability to self-feed and reproduce. Therefore, it has a very permanent effect compared to standard fat transfer. In stem cell supported fat injections, both fullness is achieved and transformation into tissue cells is provided in whichever tissue it is in.

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  • What is the price of stem cell therapy?

    Stem cell therapy is shaped according to the problem of the person. It would not be correct to specify a standard stem cell treatment price for this. Stem cell therapy; It can be used for scarring, skin rejuvenation or breast-butt augmentation. Stem cell treatment price is determined for these problems.

  • How many sessions of stem cell therapy and how long does the effect last?

    The number of sessions in the stem cell renewal process may vary according to the problem of the person. It is usually done in 2-3 sessions for skin rejuvenation or wound treatment. The stem cell begins to show a healing effect on the tissue from the day it is applied, and this usually lasts for 3-4 years, although it may vary from person to person. As time passes, the effect of stem cell therapy increases. In breast and butt augmentation processes with fat injection, stem cell support is also made individually.

  • Does stem cell therapy cause side effects?

    Since stem cells obtained from the person’s own fat cells are used in the stem cell therapy process, it does not cause any side effects. There are no additives in this process. The person’s own tissue; that is, it is a reliable method because stem cell structures are used. In the studies carried out to date, no side effects have been found in the name of stem cells (SVF) obtained from fat.

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