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Prof. Dr. Orhan Babucçu

After graduating from Gazi University Faculty of Medicine with honors, she became an Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in 2006.

We perform our operations in Turkey’s most well-equipped hospital:


Check out our popular breast aesthetic treatments that our patients are interested in the most to reach the look of their dreams.

Breast Aesthetics in Turkey

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, also known as breast augmentation, is a surgery that aims to bring every woman who is not happy with small breasts to the most beautiful breast type in her dreams.

Breast Aesthetics in Turkey

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery (reduction mammoplasty) is a surgical operation in which the breasts of people with larger breasts than they should be are balanced proportionally with their body.

Breast Aesthetics in Turkey

Breast Reconstruction

Reconstruction of the breast, also known as breast reconstruction, is a breast augmentation surgery for women who have had their breast tissue removed after a mastectomy for breast cancer.

We Are Babuccu Global Aesthetics

Babuccu Global Aesthetic Center was founded in 2014, Nişantaşı-İstanbul by Dr. Berfu Babuccu and Dr. Orhan Babuccu, who are committed with passion to each other and to their profession. That’s why they consider surgery as an art.

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Vectra XT: Complete 3D Imaging Solution for Body, Breast and Face

We use the latest technology to capture 3-Dimensional face, breast, and body images by ultra-high resolution imaging system, and use the professional software to show our patients the exciting possibilities of their simulated aesthetic procedures.



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I would love to share my experience with Babucçu Estetik with you all 😉 The place is very autentique, very professional and kind people working there ! Very clean , organized and full of good energy! Meltem is one of the crew that is working there , she explained me everything in details about what would be happening , as I never did something like that before I was a bit concerned, but after a great talk she showed me how good they are, with what they are doing ! Also I want to mention Doctor Berfu Babuccu and thank her for the experience , totally painless, she showed me all the products that would be used , all of it are very high quality .. she is very patient and experienced on this area , I could definitely notice it. She also talked to me during the process making me feel very comfortable ! Thank you so much for this ! I’m very happy with the result , for years I had my eye bag a bit puff ! Now they are gone and I don’t miss them 😉 Thank you for your great job !!
Sidney M.
Hi, I'm from Ontario, Canada and I contacted Dr. prof. Orhan Babucçu and Dr. Berfu Babucçu at the Babucçu Estetik Clinic for my mom's Facelift (deep plane+fat grafting). I chose them after a lot of online research because he was a researcher at Cleveland clinic in the US aswell as because of the great before/after pics I saw from them. The english communication with him is flawless, they are amazing, very professional and knowledgeable. They were very patient with me and answered all my questions. They really care about providing an excellent service.
Hannah B.
Clinique très professionnelle, qualité du travail irréprochable ! Venant de Suisse, je recommande cette clinique les yeux fermés. Tout le personnel est aux petits soins, le Dr Orhan Babucçu est très compétent, à l'écoute des besoins de ses patients, et son travail a eu un résultat impeccable ! Le personnel de la clinique, spécialement Meltem et Merve à qui j'ai eu à faire, sont toutes les deux très sympathiques et disponibles même le dimanche ! Un grand MERCI à toute l'équipe pour leur professionnalisme, je suis ravie de mon intervention !
Anne D.

About Breast Aesthetic Treatments

No matter how old you are, getting the full and upright breasts you dream of is no longer impossible with breast aesthetics. Breast aesthetics offers different solutions for the problems of people who want to achieve voluminous, upright and symmetrical breasts. Breast aesthetics is one of the most preferred aesthetic surgeries with its permanent and successful results. With the developing technology, breast aesthetic operations are now performed with more natural results and with the least incision scars.


1-2 Hours

Back to Work

1 Week



Healing Time

6 Months

Nights at the Hospital

1-2 Nights


Breast aesthetic operations are operations performed under general anesthesia. The duration of surgery varies according to the type of operation. However, breast aesthetic operations such as breast augmentation and breast reduction are usually completed within 1-3 hours. Combining different aesthetic procedures with breast aesthetic operations may extend this period.

Breast aesthetics are surgeries in which surgical minimal incisions are applied. Depending on the type of breast aesthetics, the most suitable area and size for the incision is determined. No matter what type of breast aesthetics is performed, the most important goal is to complete the operations with the least incision scars. For example; In breast augmentation surgery, which is one of the most frequently applied types of breast aesthetics, incision scars are hidden under the nipple, armpit or breast with special techniques. Special techniques are applied in all breast aesthetic processes and surgical scars are hidden so that they are not visible. In this way, the aesthetic appearance of the breast does not deteriorate. Although surgical scars after breast aesthetics are evident at first, they become vague within a period of 6 months. It is important for the patient to comply with the care rules after breast aesthetics.

Breast aesthetics is a type of surgery that creates long-lasting results. The aesthetic breast appearance obtained after breast lift or breast reduction operations continues depending on the body structure and age of the person. The permanence time of the breast prosthesis applied in breast augmentation surgery may vary according to the characteristics of the silicone used. Since fat tissues taken from the body are used in the process of fat injection into the breast, which includes stages such as fat removal with liposuction and then fat transfer, some of the transferred fats may melt after a certain period of time for reasons such as weight loss and aging. In this case, the process may need to be repeated.

The most important criterion for breast aesthetics is that the person’s breast development has been completed. Breast development for women is usually completed by the age of 20. For this reason, it is more suitable for breast aesthetic operations after the age of 20. However, if there is a repair-based situation, not just aesthetics, then it is necessary to evaluate the patient specifically and plan accordingly. Gynecomastia, a type of breast aesthetics applied to men, can ideally be performed from the age of 17-18 depending on the condition of the person.

It is not possible to specify a standard price for breast aesthetics. Because all operations involve different processes and operations. Breast aesthetics is a surgical operation with very successful results and high patient satisfaction. Therefore, it is one of the most frequently performed aesthetic surgeries in our country. Breast aesthetics is a permanent aesthetic operation that provides the ideal breast profile that the person wants to achieve in a short time. The whole process is determined and implemented individually. The price of breast aesthetics is also determined within this framework.

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