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Neck Lift


Neck lift or chin lift surgery or jowl aesthetics as it is used among the people; It is a surgical operation that eliminates problems such as sagging and wrinkles on the neck. Neck lift aesthetics is also known as “Necklift”.


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Before & After

Neck aesthetics is an element that affects the youthful and lively appearance of the face. After neck lift surgery, a smooth image is obtained in the neck area.

What Causes Neck Sagging?

All causes such as aging, the effect of gravity, rapid weight gain and loss can cause results such as sagging on the neck, lubrication, jowl formation, and wrinkles on the neck skin. In short, sagging of the neck and jowl becomes inevitable as the age progresses or when you gain or lose weight rapidly. For all these reasons, the muscle and fat tissues under the skin of the neck area begin to sag. This neck sagging causes the angle between the neck and the chin to disappear. Jowl refers to the under-chin area. The problem of sagging under the chin spoils the aesthetic appearance of the jowl and the sagging of the neck begins to be seen very clearly. Sometimes there is no reason to gain or lose weight, but in some people, the jowl area may be structurally fatty and may need a solution such as jowl surgery.

Who Gets Neck Sagging Problem?

The problem of sagging in the neck is usually seen with the advancement of age. Especially men and women over the age of 40 may experience neck sagging problems. The intense weight gain-loss effect also accelerates the process of sagging in the neck. With weight gain, the jowl area is lubricated. Even if weight is lost and fat is gone over time, sagging is seen in the skin that expands in volume. For this reason, we may encounter the problem of sagging in the neck at an earlier age due to intense weight gain and loss. The problem of sagging in the neck can also be experienced in the early period in people with a small lower jaw and back.

What is Neck Lift Surgery?

Neck lift surgery is a plastic surgery that provides neck aesthetics by removing excess skin and fat from the jaw line. In order to provide neck rejuvenation in the area with neck sagging problem, the skins are properly stretched; ie jowl stretching is provided. After neck lift surgery, the sagging and wrinkled neck area is given an aesthetic appearance.

Neck lift surgery is also called jowl removal operation, as used by the people. The results of neck aesthetics, which is a cosmetic procedure, are long-lasting; However, neck lift surgery cannot stop the aging process. Neck lift surgery can be performed alone or in conjunction with facelift surgery. Depending on the needs of the person, different aesthetic operations can also be performed.

How is Neck Lift Surgery Performed?

Before neck aesthetics, the neck is examined with a detailed examination, the degree of neck sagging is determined, and surgery is planned in the area where neck lift will be provided. Photos are taken to compare before and after neck lift surgery.

Neck lift surgery is performed with general anesthesia or sedation anesthesia, which is defined as half-sleep. During the neck lift surgery, a small incision is made behind the ear towards the scalp. Excess skin is removed through this small incision. Later, the skin with sagging neck; that is, the remaining skin is stretched upwards.

During neck lift surgery, the loosened neck muscles under the skin are also shaped. Oily areas are also treated appropriately. In the last stage, the incisions are closed with aesthetic stitches and jowl aesthetics is provided. Neck lift surgery eliminates the neck sagging problem and eliminates neck wrinkles.

With the techniques used in the neck aesthetics process, the jaw line becomes more pronounced with a clear contour. A classic neck lift surgery takes 1-2 hours. However, in the case of different surgeries with neck lift aesthetics, the neck lift surgery process may take up to 5 hours.

Neck Lift

Before Neck Lift Surgery

Before neck lift surgery, talk to your doctor about your expectations and wishes, such as jowl stretching and jowl fat removal. Give information about your general health before the operation. When you decide to have neck lift surgery, you may need to take a break from some medications you use. In particular, blood thinners should be discontinued for a certain period of time before neck lift surgery.

Smoking impairs the quality of the skin and may adversely affect the neck lift operation. Smoking also slows down the healing process after neck lift surgery. It is recommended to quit smoking before neck aesthetics. Do not use cream, spray or gel on your hair while coming to neck lift surgery. Remember that anesthesia is required for this operation and stop eating 8 hours before the operation. Since you cannot dye your hair for a while after the surgery, if you are dyeing your hair, dye it 1 week before the neck lift operation.

After Neck Lift Surgery

There may be some pain on the first day after neck lift surgery; however, this level of pain is minimized with the painkillers given. A drain is placed to drain the fluid accumulation under the neck after neck lift surgery. The patient needs to stay in the hospital for one night for control purposes. One day later, the patient is discharged and the drain is removed. In neck lift surgery, the sutures placed on the incisions are removed 7 days later. There may also be stitches taken earlier. It is recommended to return to work and social life after neck aesthetics, usually after 7 days of rest.

After neck aesthetics, there is usually no intense swelling or bruising. Swelling and bruising is actually a natural condition after the operation, which can vary from person to person. Supportive bandages can be applied after neck lift surgery to prevent possible bruising and swelling problems. These bandages are used for 7-10 days. After neck aesthetics, the ideal appearance is achieved within 1-2 months as the skin is fully seated.

It is necessary to keep the head upright for a few days after neck lift surgery and not to bend over. Always keep your head above your heart. For this, straighten your lying position. Protect from intense sunlight after the operation. Use creams with a high sunscreen effect. Do not apply ice after neck aesthetics without consulting your doctor.

Although neck lift surgery incisions are small, avoid sports and activities where you will apply excessive force and movement. Care should be taken that water does not touch the incision areas for 1-2 days after neck aesthetics. For this, if possible, one should not take a shower for 1-2 days after the neck lift operation.

Tour Plan

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    We pick you up from İstanbul Airport with our luxury shuttles and transfer you to your 5 star hotel. Enjoy

  • Day 2 - Hospital and Doctor visit

    The first stop will be at the hospital for blood and PCR tests. And finally, you will meet with your doctor. While you are having Turkish coffee, you will be able to talk with your doctor, ask your questions, and tell your expectations. The next step will be physical examination, Vectra 3D simulation and markings. Thus, to see approximate results of your operation on these simulations will be easily possible.

  • Day 3 - Operation Day

    You will be picked up from your hotel to the hospital. Your surgeon will visit you in the service room and you will be transferred to surgery. Then you will wake up in your room.

  • Day 4 - The Day After Operation

    You will be visited by your doctor; dressings will be changed. Then You will be discharged with your medications. Of Course, You will be transferred to your hotel.

  • Control Day - It Depends on the Type of Your Operation

    Your doctor will check the operation site. With Turkish coffee, you will be informed about the post-operative healing period. Also, written instructions will be given

  • The Rest of Your Life - Ask Us Anything

    You will always receive a warm welcome to ask any questions related or unrelated with your operation.

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  • Will there be any scars after neck lift?

    In the neck aesthetic surgery process, sutures are removed from the inside with a special technique. Again, in neck lift surgery, since the incisions are made behind the ear and in the natural line of the hairline, there is no obvious scar after neck lift surgery. In short, scars are minimized with the special tools, incision and suture techniques used. It is important that you follow the rules specified by your doctor for you to follow after the operation so that there is no scar after neck lift. Behaviors such as smoking delay wound healing and affect skin quality. Other causes that may lead to scarring after neck aesthetics can be infection and bleeding. For this, you should take care of your personal hygiene after neck lift surgery and avoid heavy activities that will cause impact.

  • What other aesthetic operations can be performed with neck lift surgery?

    Neck aesthetics are usually performed at the same time as facelift surgeries. However, depending on the needs of the person and the result of the physician’s evaluation, if appropriate, eyelid aesthetics or almond eye operations can also be performed in the same surgery. Additional medical procedures that provide skin rejuvenation to improve skin quality may also be recommended in the future.

  • Is a non-surgical neck lift possible?

    If the neck sagging problem is in earlier stages, non-surgical neck lift methods can be applied. If the degree of sagging in the neck is high, surgical methods are recommended. Botox or HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) procedures can also be used for your youthful appearance in the chin and neck area. HIFU, also known as Ultherapy, provides point heating with ultrasound waves. Depending on the heat stimulation in the tissues, collagen production increases and the skin tightens. HIFU can also be applied to other areas such as cheeks, around the eyes, forehead, décolleté, where loosening and sagging of the skin occur. Another procedure for non-surgical neck lift is the thread stretching method, which has gained popularity recently. A certain tension can be achieved by means of special threads placed under the skin.

  • Can I get pregnant after tummy tuck surgery?

    Tummy tuck surgery is technically an aesthetic operation performed only on excess fat and skin in the abdomen. In short, a technique that will prevent the woman from getting pregnant anatomically is not used in tummy tuck surgery. After a tummy tuck, it is possible to get pregnant after a certain period of time with the approval of the doctor. However, if tightening of the abdominal muscle wall is added to the surgery, it is recommended to contact your doctor before deciding on pregnancy.

    Abdominoplasty does not prevent the expansion of the abdominal wall due to pregnancy. However, it is not recommended to get pregnant right after a tummy tuck surgery. Because after tummy tuck surgery, it takes about a year for the body to sit down and the advantages of the surgery to be seen. For this reason, it is not recommended to get pregnant before 1 year. It would be correct to wait 1 year for tummy tuck surgeries to be performed after pregnancy. Post-pregnancy abdominal structure recovers itself during this period.

  • What is the price of neck lift surgery?

    Neck aesthetics; includes a process such as neck stretching and jowl shaping. In order to achieve the goal described as swan neck aesthetics, sometimes additional surgeries can be performed in neck lift surgeries. For this, neck lift surgery should include a special planning according to the person. Surgery prices may vary according to the additional operations of the person.

    Contact us to get information about neck lift and chin-up removal price.

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