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Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Injection

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Fat injection to the face is an aesthetic operation that adds volume to the face.


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Before & After

Fats taken from areas determined to be excessive in the body are injected into the face. Fat injection to the face is done to give the face a youthful expression. It is a skin rejuvenation procedure.

What is Facial Fat Injection?

As we age, significant changes occur in our face. E.g; A certain part of the fat in the face area tends to decrease over time. There may also be an increase in fat in some areas. This oil imbalance can deepen the dimples and lines on the face. The method that removes the signs of aging in the face area is called facial fat injection. Fat injection to the face should be performed by specialist surgeons. In the process of fat injection to the face, the person’s own fat cells are used. With the micro grafting technique, facial rejuvenation is provided with volume changes. It is the most commonly used area for facial fat injection. Apart from this, fat injection can be applied to other parts of the body such as hands, neck, hips and breasts.

Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Injection

How is Fat Injection to the Face Made?

In the process of oil injection to the face, the person’s own oil is used. With the liposuction technique, the excess fat is taken from the appropriate areas of the body such as the abdomen and waist. According to the request of the person, regional thinning processes can also be applied to different areas of the body during fat removal. With the special tools and degreasing technique used, the least damage is done to the fat cells. Then the extracted fat is subjected to a special process. The fat taken for the facial fat injection process is centrifuged and purified. These fat grafts are enriched with stem cells. After this procedure, it is injected into the facial areas to be corrected.

With this method called “nanofat injection”, stem cells are transferred to the face along with fat cells. In this way, a distinctive shine and radiance is achieved in the quality of the skin covering the face. The process can be repeated several times in cases where the volume is lacking or in order to achieve the targeted result. Fat injection to the face is usually done with local anesthesia; however, general anesthesia can also be used depending on the possibility of performing different procedures or the condition of the patient. Depending on the size of the procedure, the type of anesthesia may change. Although the fat injection process to the face varies according to the size and number of the areas to be corrected, it takes about 60 minutes on average.

Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Injection

In which areas of the face is Facial Fat Injection Applied?

Facial fat injection is most commonly applied to areas of the face such as the lip, the periphery of the lips, the nasolabial fold extending from the edge of the nose to the corner of the lip, the under-eye groove, the cheekbone, the forehead and the chin. Facial fat injection can sometimes be applied simultaneously with facial aesthetics or eyelid aesthetic operations.

To Whom Can Facial Fat Injection Be Applied?

Fat injection to the face can be applied to anyone who does not have any circulation problems, has wrinkles, sunken faces and wants to rejuvenate their face. It is also an effective method for people who want their cheekbones or chin tip to be more prominent. Since the person’s own fat tissue is used in the fat injection process, there is no reaction or rejection.

How Does the Healing Process Happen After Fat Injection to the Face?

Facial fat injection, which has the aesthetics of adding volume to the face, is an easy-to-apply painless procedure. After the oil injection to the face, the effect is immediately visible. It is not expected for a while to see the result of the procedure. Since the person’s own fat is injected through a special process, no side effects are observed. Since there is no incision or suture in the fat injection process, the recovery time is very short. Generally, there are no conditions such as bruising or swelling. But sometimes there may be very little swelling and bruising in the first days. After a day’s rest, it is possible to return to work life.

Is Fat Injection Permanent?

Although the duration of the effect of facial fat injection varies from person to person, it is usually 2-3 years. Since the oil used in oil injection to the face, which is a very reliable aesthetic procedure, is a natural substance, there is some melting under all conditions. This fat melting rate varies from person to person.

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    The first stop will be at the hospital for blood and PCR tests. And finally, you will meet with your doctor. While you are having Turkish coffee, you will be able to talk with your doctor, ask your questions, and tell your expectations. The next step will be physical examination, Vectra 3D simulation and markings. Thus, to see approximate results of your operation on these simulations will be easily possible.

  • Day 3 - Operation Day

    You will be picked up from your hotel to the hospital. Your surgeon will visit you in the service room and you will be transferred to surgery. Then you will wake up in your room.

  • Day 4 - The Day After Operation

    You will be visited by your doctor; dressings will be changed. Then You will be discharged with your medications. Of Course, You will be transferred to your hotel.

  • Control Day - It Depends on the Type of Your Operation

    Your doctor will check the operation site. With Turkish coffee, you will be informed about the post-operative healing period. Also, written instructions will be given

  • The Rest of Your Life - Ask Us Anything

    You will always receive a warm welcome to ask any questions related or unrelated with your operation.

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  • Can facial fat injection be repeated?

    Since the person’s own natural oil is used in oil injection to the face, there is a possibility of melting over time. Against this possibility of melting, excess oil is removed during the process and the removed oil is kept in suitable storage conditions such as -30 degrees. If there is a meltdown, first of all, the remaining fat tissue is examined after it is injected into the face, and if it is not sufficient according to this examination, the fat injection process can be repeated.

  • What should be considered before and after oil injection to the face?

    As with all surgical procedures before fat injection to the face, some drugs should be discontinued for a certain period of time before the operation. If there is smoking, it should be stopped. Because smoking reduces the rate of oxygen in the blood, it can negatively affect the process and permanence of fat injection to the face. In order to prevent the occurrence of conditions such as bruising and swelling after fat injection to the face, ice can be applied as recommended by the doctor. After facial fat injection, it is necessary to protect the face from the sun for 3 weeks. It is healthier to go out with a hat and glasses. Sunscreen cream can also be used.

  • Are there any side effects after oil injection to the face?

    Generally, no side effects are seen after facial fat injection; because the oil used is the person’s own tissue. However, although it is very rare, very mild pain can be seen in the areas where fat is removed. Simple painkillers can be given for these pains, if desired. Depending on the nature of the person, there may be slight bruising and swelling in the areas where fat is injected. Bruises and swellings disappear in a short time.

  • With which applications can fat injection be applied to the face?

    Fat injection process on the face; It can be applied with surgical procedures such as rhinoplasty, face lift or medical dermatological procedures such as botox, radiofrequency laser, mesotherapy.

  • What are the prices of facial fat injections?

    Fat injections are a less costly procedure compared to other filling applications, considering the long-term. Facial fat injection prices may vary depending on the number of areas to be applied.

    You can contact us for all your questions and price information about fat injection to the face.

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