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Breast augmentation, also known as breast augmentation, is a surgery that aims to bring every woman who is not happy with small breasts to the most beautiful breast type in her dreams.


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Table of Contents

Before & After

Breast augmentation surgery (agmentation mammoplasty) is performed with the support of breast silicone suitable for the person’s breast and body type. Many women who do not find themselves beautiful with small breasts gain their self-confidence after breast augmentation methods.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Plump breasts and beautiful breasts, which have an extremely important place in terms of the perception of femininity, are the dreams of every woman. Every woman who finds her breasts small can have breast augmentation surgery. In breast augmentation surgery, the breast is aesthetically brought to the ideal size. Breast fullness is increased with silicone. This surgical procedure is called breast augmentation surgery or breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation with fat injection for small breasts is also among the breast enlargement methods.

Who Can Have Breast Augmentation?

Every woman’s breast shape is different and every woman wants to have the beautiful breast shape of her dreams. Some breast shapes make women unhappy. The first of these is small breasts. Small breasts are the main reason for breast augmentation. Breast shapes may change and lose form after pregnancy or weight gain and loss. Breast augmentation methods can be applied to restore the old volume. Sometimes, the two breasts may not be aesthetically compatible with each other. There may be a problem in the development of one or both breasts. E.g; One of the problems seen is the cessation of breast development, which is called goat breast.

Breast augmentation surgery with silicone prosthesis can also be performed on people who are not satisfied with other breast enlargement methods applied before. In short, every woman who feels unhappy because of small breasts and wants to have full breasts, who is not pregnant, who does not have a health problem that may pose a risk for surgery, can have breast aesthetics.

How to Decide on Breast Silicone Size and Shape?

The purpose of breast augmentation surgery; is to create the most natural, most aesthetic breast models. Silicone breast should never look artificial. The size of the breast is an important criterion in achieving the natural one. In this planning, the person’s height, weight, breast sagging ratio, rib cage structure, shoulder width and wishes are kept in the foreground.

The size of the breast silicone, which is accepted by the body structure and will bring the most natural result, is decided. For this, before the breast augmentation surgery, modeling samples of breast types on the computer are shown to the person with the help of a 3D imaging system (VECTRA) and special programs.

Another issue that will be determined according to the breast and body structure of the patient in breast augmentation surgery is whether the breast silicone style will be a drop prosthesis (drop breast) or a round prosthesis (round breast). E.g; Drop breast type may be more suitable for people with slight sagging breasts. If your body structure is very thin and large silicones are preferred, the silicone breast may not look natural. The breast silicone style should be decided by considering all these factors. You should consider your doctor’s recommendations for breast enlargement with the most suitable breast silicone for your body type.

How is Breast Augmentation Surgery Performed?

Breast augmentation surgery is among the most demanded aesthetic surgeries all over the world. Before breast augmentation surgery, your doctor will evaluate your breast shapes with a detailed examination and ask for the necessary tests.

In breast augmentation, or as people use it more often, in breast augmentation surgery, only a silicone prosthesis, called silicone, is used. This prosthesis is also called breast silicone or breast implant. There are types of breast prostheses with serum content and silicone structure. Breast silicone prostheses may also differ in terms of their surface. There are types of breast silicone with different surface properties as rough or smooth. Aesthetic and plump breasts are obtained with silicone breasts.

Breast Augmentation

How Do Breasts Enlarge With Breast Augmentation Surgery?

The most frequently asked question by patients during the examination is: “How will the breasts grow with this surgery” or “how is the silicone attached”. In breast augmentation surgery, breast silicone can be placed in two main areas. These regions; armpit and breast fold.

In order to enlarge the breast, breast silicone is often placed under the breast or through an incision in the brown area around the nipple. The area from which silicone implantation will be performed on the breast may differ depending on the condition of the person.

It is also an important issue between which layers the breast silicone or prosthesis will be placed in the breast. Breast silicone in breast augmentation surgery; It can be placed under the chest muscle, below this muscle membrane, under this muscle membrane or directly under the breast tissue. For ideal breast enlargement, whichever region is suitable for the patient’s condition is preferred.

The purpose of breast augmentation surgery; The implanted breast silicone, also known as the breast prosthesis, is to be well hidden in the chest and not noticed. General anesthesia is used in breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation takes 1-2 hours depending on the patient’s condition. For control purposes, the patient is requested to stay in the hospital for one night.

Breast Augmentation

What Should Be Considered Before Breast Augmentation Surgery?

  • Since breast augmentation surgery will be performed under general anesthesia, it is desirable to quit smoking first.
  • If there are drugs that are used regularly, they may need to be regulated. E.g; Some blood thinners should be discontinued before breast augmentation.
  • It is not desirable to use additives such as blood thinning herbal teas and vitamins before the breast augmentation operation.
  • If you have breast cancer in your family, share this information with your doctor.
  • If your age is 40 and over, examinations such as mammography and ultrasound may be requested before breast aesthetics.
  • Do not eat anything 6 hours before breast augmentation surgery.
  • If you are experiencing a disease such as a cold, inform your doctor before breast augmentation surgery.

After Breast Augmentation Surgery

The patient’s condition is evaluated the day after breast augmentation or breast augmentation surgery, and if there is no problem, the patient is discharged. There may be mild pain for a few days after the breast aesthetic process; However, with painkillers, these pains are completely relieved in a short time. Again, there may be some swelling in the chest in the first days; but mostly after the first week this swelling disappears.

Recovery time after breast augmentation surgery may vary from person to person. The technique used in breast augmentation surgery and the experience of the surgeon affect the healing process as much as the person’s structure. You can return to work after 5-7 days of rest after breast augmentation surgery. After the breast silicone is placed, the breast takes its natural and full shape within a period of 6 months. Dissolving sutures are used in breast augmentation surgery. For this, there is no additional process such as suture removal later on.

Breast Augmentation

Do not lift heavy for 5 weeks after breast augmentation operation and do not do sports where you will move excessively. Your doctor will inform you about this. Do not put pressure on surgical incisions made for breast augmentation and breast silicone prosthesis. Do not lie face down because silicone is placed on the chest. Use the type of sports bra recommended by your doctor after the surgery. These bras that provide support prevent breast silicone stretching and support shaping for ideal breast shapes.

Limit intense arm movement to keep chest movement to a minimum for a while. The less the silicone breasts move, the faster the healing process. It is not recommended to take a shower for the first 2 days. Avoid activities such as sauna, pool or solarium for a while after breast augmentation surgery.

Tour Plan

  • Day 1 - Airpot Pickup & Accommodation

    We pick you up from İstanbul Airport with our luxury shuttles and transfer you to your 5 star hotel. Enjoy

  • Day 2 - Hospital and Doctor Visit

    The first stop will be at the hospital for blood and PCR tests. And finally, you will meet with your doctor. While you are having Turkish coffee, you will be able to talk with your doctor, ask your questions, and tell your expectations. The next step will be physical examination, Vectra 3D simulation and markings. Thus, to see approximate results of your operation on these simulations will be easily possible.

  • Day 3 - Operation day

    You will be picked up from your hotel to the hospital. Your surgeon will visit you in the service room and you will be transferred to surgery. Then you will wake up in your room.

  • Day 4 - The Day After operation

    You will be visited by your doctor; dressings will be changed. Then You will be discharged with your medications. Of Course, You will be transferred to your hotel.

  • Control Day - It Depends on the Type of Your Operation

    Your doctor will check the operation site. With Turkish coffee, you will be informed about the post-operative healing period. Also, written instructions will be given

  • The Rest of Your Life - Ask Us Anything

    You will always receive a warm welcome to ask any questions related or unrelated with your operation.

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  • What is the life expectancy for silicone breasts?

    The durability period generally stated for the breast silicone placed after breast augmentation surgery may vary according to the characteristics of the prosthesis used. With the latest technology, there are now breast silicone samples that are permanent for life. However, sometimes some breast silicone prostheses may need to be replaced after 15-20 years. After breast augmentation surgery, a doctor’s control should be provided once a year.

  • Can the breast silicone implanted with breast augmentation surgery be removed?

    If the person wants to change the breast silicone size again or if he wants to completely remove the breast silicone prosthesis placed in the breast with breast augmentation surgery, these silicones can be removed with a surgical intervention.

  • Will there be any scars after breast augmentation surgery?

    Surgical incisions with the techniques applied during breast augmentation surgery; hidden under the nipple, armpit or breast. E.g; Since the surgery is performed from the under-breast fold line, the incision scar becomes invisible when viewed from the opposite side. Since the scars are hidden from view, the aesthetic structure of the breast does not deteriorate. Although the scars are more obvious in the first days after breast augmentation, these incision scars become obscure and almost invisible within 6 months.

  • Is there an age limit for breast augmentation?

    The main criterion for breast augmentation surgery is the completion of breast development. In order not to have problems after breast augmentation, it would be right to perform this operation on women around the age of 20, who provide breast development. In reconstructive surgeries, the patient’s condition is evaluated and breast augmentation methods can be applied at a slightly earlier age, depending on the condition of the person.

  • Can I breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery?

    Breast augmentation operations aim to complete the breast aesthetic process without damaging the breast tissue of the woman. Breast augmentation operation does not damage the milk ducts in the breast. The implanted breast silicone prosthesis does not have a direct connection with the milk ducts.

    If breast augmentation is desired as a result of postpartum deformations; First of all, the completion of the breast tissue change process should be waited. After the completion of the breastfeeding period, breast augmentation can be performed usually 6 months or 1 year later.

  • Can breast silicone be placed on one side?

    Breast augmentation surgery can be performed not only because of the desire for cosmetically full breasts, but also because of uneven breast shapes. In fact, no woman’s breasts are exactly the same; however, sometimes the size difference between the two breasts can be highly evident. In this case, breast augmentation can be achieved with breast silicone prostheses in different sizes for equalization purposes.

  • Can I drive after breast augmentation?

    Breast augmentation surgery is a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. If possible, the first 3-4 days after breast augmentation surgery should not drive a vehicle, as the effect of anesthesia may create risks and because of sudden movements while steering or driving a car.

  • When can I exercise after breast augmentation?

    Light walks can be started 2 days after the breast augmentation operation. You can exercise every day by increasing your walking time. But do not move your arms intensely. It is also not right to remain completely still after the surgery. Inactivity can increase the risk of blood clots.

    After breast augmentation surgery, you should wait 1-2 months to return to your previous exercise plan. In general, if the person feels good and there is no problem in his examinations, he can start a non-heavy exercise program after 1 month. It would be more appropriate to start sports that require intense arm movement, such as swimming or pilates, after 2 months.

  • Does breast silicone cause cancer?

    Looking at the medical studies and case examples to date, it has not been seen that silicone breast prostheses have an effect that triggers cancer.

  • Is it possible to enlarge the breast without surgery?

    Invasive to make the breast shape look attractive and natural; In other words, there are non-surgical breast enlargement methods. If the person’s condition is suitable, non-surgical breast augmentation can be achieved with breast augmentation with fat injection. With the filling method, an aesthetic line can be given to the breast structure.

  • Are silicone breasts understandable?

    The aim of breast augmentation surgery is to achieve the most natural appearance for the person. The planning process is also done for this purpose. The appropriate size and type of breast silicone is determined for the person. It is not possible to understand the breast silicone prosthesis, which is placed with the right type and technique, by visual and general contact.

  • What is the price of breast augmentation surgery?

    One of the most frequently asked questions about breast augmentation is “What are the prices of breast augmentation surgery?” is happening. The technique applied in the breast augmentation process, the type and quality of the breast silicone prosthesis are the factors that determine the price of breast augmentation surgery. For this, it is not correct to specify a standard price for breast augmentation surgery.

    Contact us to get information about breast augmentation surgery prices and to learn about breast augmentation methods.

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