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The chin implant, which is made for chin aesthetics, which is an important part of facial attractiveness, is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries recently applied.


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Table of Contents

Before & After

The chin implant aims to make the chin appearance, which is weak and small compared to the facial profile, more prominent and aesthetic. With chin implant surgery, the chin is enlarged and the chin tip is shaped. Chin aesthetics with chin implant eliminates the problem of chin-related disproportion and brings symmetry and balance to the facial profile. With chin aesthetics, the person has a more beautiful and attractive face profile.

What is a Jaw Implant?

The chin is an important structure that is very prominent in the facial profile and directly affects the beauty of the face, just like the nose. Whether the chin size is small or large compared to the face proportion affects the perception of facial beauty. The small chin also causes the person to have an appearance as if they have a jowl.

A chin implant is a chin aesthetic surgery that eliminates chin-related facial symmetry and imbalance problems. With chin implant surgery, the small chin shape is enlarged and brought to a size proportional to other structures on the face. With a chin implant selected in accordance with the ideal face profile, chin augmentation is achieved and chin aesthetics is achieved. Chin aesthetics is called mentoplasty.

Sometimes, even if rhinoplasty is performed on people with a small or backward chin, balance cannot be achieved in the facial profile; because the lack of chin aesthetics prevents the formation of balance on the face. In this respect, only a rhinoplasty may not be sufficient for the balance of the facial profile. In this process, chin aesthetics gains importance. Chin aesthetics with a chin implant ensures that the chin is proportional and harmonious with the other parts of the face.

Why is Chin Implant Done?

The main reason for applying a chin implant is to provide proportion in the physical structure of the face. Because the appearance of the chin is not proportional, it is perceived as a factor that negatively affects the beauty of the face. In short, chin aesthetics has an important place for facial beauty. Small jaw structure, short and flat face in some people; in some people it causes them to have a long and large appearance. The lack of chin proportion also causes the face to be perceived as asymmetrically.

Due to the small chin, the distance between the chin and the throat is almost non-existent, and the person also has a ticklish appearance. The chin implant can also be applied to correct congenital structural chin problems. Considering all these problems, chin implant is an important aesthetic surgery that provides very successful results. Chin aesthetics provides completion for the facial contour. It helps to remove an appearance such as jowl sagging. In short, the chin implant, which is preferred in a size suitable for the face profile and applied with the right techniques, adds a positive change to the face profile.

What are the Types of Jaw Implants?

Enlargement and shaping of the chin; In other words, there are different types of chin implants to achieve the goal of ideal chin aesthetics. chin implant; It has different types according to criteria such as quality, material and size. Which type of chin implant to choose is determined by the condition of the person. The facial anatomy, expectations and wishes of the person enable the determination of the type of chin implant. The most commonly used types of medpor and silicone chin implants for chin aesthetics. This type of chin implant provides chin aesthetics with a natural and targeted shaping.

Medpor, also known as porous polyethylene, is a type of chin implant with a very low risk of allergic reaction and fully compatible with the body. The risk of rejection of the Medpor chin implant type is also very low. Thanks to these features, the chin implant adapts and integrates very well with the tissue. Silicone chin implant is also a feature that gives very natural results and has many different sizes. This provides an important advantage in choosing the most suitable chin implant size for the person’s face. The solid silicone chin implant is a very reliable and trouble-free type of chin implant.

Jaw Implant

How is Chin Implant Made?

The aim with chin implant surgery; by shaping the small chin structure, it is to provide balance with other structures on the face and in general facial integrity. An ideally sized chin makes the face look more proportional and aesthetic. The chin implant is performed under general or local anesthesia, depending on the condition of the person. A chin implant is a chin aesthetic surgery that is usually completed in 60-90 minutes. However, adding different aesthetic operations may prolong the operation time.

During the chin implant surgery, two small incisions are made in the lower jaw tissue in the mouth. With these incisions, a pocket is created for the chin implant. Then, the chin implant selected in accordance with the person’s facial profile is placed in these pockets. The chin implant is positioned at the tip of the chin or on the sides of the chin, depending on the condition of the person. Finally, the incisions are closed with dissolving sutures. Intraoral sutures heal very quickly if the rules are followed. In some cases, an incision can also be made on the skin on the lower jawbone. According to the person’s jaw structure; The surgery is performed by determining the incision area, size, shape and material of the chin implant. In the selection and placement of the chin implant, the proportion between the forehead,nose and chin is taken into account within the scope of the golden ratio criteria.

Who is a suitable candidate for jaw implant surgery?

chin implant; It is a type of jaw aesthetics that can be performed on people who have completed the age of 18, do not have a chronic disease, and are in good general health. The most ideal patient group for a chin implant is those whose chin is out of proportion to other facial structures. Jaw implant surgery is recommended for people with a small chin area and therefore poor chin appearance.

Within the framework of these problems, the chin implant can be applied to both men and women. Although it seems like a chin aesthetic application mostly preferred by women, it is a procedure preferred by men recently.

The ideal chin profile for men and women differs. While women want a more rounded and elegant chin structure; men want a more defined chin profile. People who do not meet these criteria and have a small jaw structure are suitable candidates for jaw implant surgery. People who want to get rid of the small chin appearance, have a more prominent facial line, look younger and have a proportional profile on the face can be performed with a chin implant.

Before After Jaw Implant

  • Smoking and alcohol use should be stopped at least 3 weeks before the jaw implant surgery.
  • Inform your doctor about all the medications you use before chin aesthetics. Blood thinners should be discontinued for a certain period of time before jaw implant surgery.
  • Talk to your doctor about all your expectations and wishes in terms of jaw aesthetics before surgery.
  • In the pre-surgical examination, the jaw structure is examined and the most suitable jaw implant for the jaw structure is determined. In this context, surgery is planned.
  • If general anesthesia is used in chin implant surgery, a one-day hospital stay is required.
  • Antibiotic use may be recommended against the risk of infection after chin aesthetics.
  • Those who have chin implants should generally rest for 3 days at home and rest.
  • If it is not a physically heavy job 3 days after the surgery, the person can return to work life.
  • Try not to lie face down for 4 weeks after chin aesthetics.
  • In order to reduce the risk of swelling, it is necessary to keep the head elevated. Avoid movements such as bending forward for a while.
  • There is no harm in taking a shower the day after the chin implant surgery. Do not use extremely hot water in the shower or while washing your face.
  • Although not common after chin implantation, effects such as bruising or edema may occur. These effects pass within the first week.
  • Those who have a chin implant may experience mild pain after surgery. These pains can be controlled with painkillers given.
  • It is recommended to gargle from time to time after the chin implant in order to prevent any infection in the mouth incisions.
  • After chin aesthetics, intense sports activities should be avoided for 4 weeks. The chin area should be protected against impacts. A few days after the operation, light tempo walks can be done.
  • After chin aesthetics, the face should be protected from intense sunlight for approximately 4 to 6 weeks.
  • After jaw implant surgery, activities such as hammam, sauna, solarium and pool should be avoided for 4-6 weeks.
  • Applications such as skin care can be performed 2 weeks after jaw implant surgery.
  • Smoking is not recommended after a chin implant, as it is after every plastic surgery. Smoking negatively affects the healing process.
  • Avoid consuming hard foods for the first week, as chin aesthetics are performed with incisions inside the mouth. Choose more liquid and soft foods. Do not consume excessively hot and cold drinks.

Tour Plan

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  • Day 2 - Hospital and Doctor visit

    The first stop will be at the hospital for blood and PCR tests. And finally, you will meet with your doctor. While you are having Turkish coffee, you will be able to talk with your doctor, ask your questions, and tell your expectations. The next step will be physical examination, Vectra 3D simulation and markings. Thus, to see approximate results of your operation on these simulations will be easily possible.

  • Day 3 - Operation Day

    You will be picked up from your hotel to the hospital. Your surgeon will visit you in the service room and you will be transferred to surgery. Then you will wake up in your room.

  • Day 4 - The Day After Operation

    You will be visited by your doctor; dressings will be changed. Then You will be discharged with your medications. Of Course, You will be transferred to your hotel.

  • Control Day - It Depends on the Type of Your Operation

    Your doctor will check the operation site. With Turkish coffee, you will be informed about the post-operative healing period. Also, written instructions will be given

  • The Rest of Your Life - Ask Us Anything

    You will always receive a warm welcome to ask any questions related or unrelated with your operation.

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  • Is the chin implant permanent?

    “Is the chin implant permanent?” is one of the most curious subjects in this chin aesthetic process. A chin implant is a permanent chin aesthetic application. Although the quality of the prosthesis varies according to its material, the chin implant remains in the body for many years and does not cause any problems. It does not show melting effect like filling and does not require a repetition session in different periods. A chin implant is a lifelong permanent procedure.

  • Are chin implants harmful?

    A chin implant is not a harmful procedure. If the chin implant is selected from materials that are compatible with the body, it does not cause any problems. It is a very safe chin aesthetic procedure as long as it is performed by reliable clinical and experienced physicians.

  • Is it possible to remove a chin implant?

    Chin implant removal is not usually a requested issue. Because chin aesthetics is often combined with some aesthetic surgeries on the face, such as rhinoplasty. In this framework, a general facial symmetry integrity and beauty is gained. In short, the results of the chin implant are very successful. If the chin implant is still desired despite the success of the operation, it is possible to remove it with a new surgical operation.

  • Will there be any scars after chin implant surgery?

    During the chin implant surgery, prosthesis placement is provided by incisions through the mouth. For this, there is no trace when viewed from the outside. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to make an incision on the skin during the jaw implant process. In this case, the incision for the chin implant is made by determining the points under the chin. Although the incision scar is obvious in the first days, it becomes too inconspicuous over time and does not cause aesthetic concern. Intraoral sutures also heal very quickly if the rules are followed.

  • What is the price information of the chin implant?

    It is not possible to give a standard chin implant price information. Because with the chin implant, a personalized planning is made while providing chin aesthetics. The chin aesthetic process that each individual needs, as well as the chin structure, will be different. Jaw implant price information can be given according to the type of augmentation and shaping of the chin area, the implant material and quality used, and whether it can be combined with different aesthetic operations. After the examination, chin implant price information can be shared.

    Contact us to get chin implant price information and to make a appointment .

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